Barn Cats
How it Works...

Barn cat adoption fee is $10. This includes spay/neuter, FVRCP and rabies vaccinations, and Frontline. Participants in our Barn Cat program need to provide their new "employees" with these four necessities:

1. Sufficient shelter, especially during harsh weather.
2. Dry cat food given on a regular basis (we recommend a cup of dry food per cat dispersed in the morning to minimize unwanted guests.
3. Fresh, clean water at all times.
4. An environment free from aggressive dogs or other menacing animals.

If you can no longer provide the above care or need to relocate a cat adopted through our program, please call us for assistance.  Also, if medical attention is needed, we may be available by phone to help determine a course of action
Garden Kitties...

Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode has a limited number of indoor/outdoor kitties, known as Garden Kitties, available for adoption.  Whereas a Barn Cat is a working cat who is feral or semi-feral, Garden Kitties often love to be petted; they may or may not be good hunters.  For safety reasons, Garden kitties need to be taken in at night.

A Garden Kitty needs to be provided with food, water and shelter, and needs to live free of threatening animals.  The cat may be free ranging during evening/early hours (routinely 8pm until dawn).  The cat may be brought into a cozy potting shed or garage, not necessarily the house, as long as they are safe, secure, warm and comfortable.  Water, food and a litter box needs to be provided in the night-time shelter.

If you choose to adopt a Garden Kitty, they will be vaccinated against rabies and distemper, microchipped, FELV tested, given Frontline, and dewormed.  The adoption fee for these Garden Kitties is $25.

This 45-acre winery vineyard in Somerset was the first to take advantage of our Barn Cat program. Caretaker Keith Thompson discussed the possibility with the owners and, after an initial visit, our Program Coordinator delivered the first five cats (10 were eventually delivered).

The cats were first housed in a safe holding area, complete with abundant food and water, in the vineyard’s small barn. After 10 days, Thompson quietly left the door open one morning and the five felines began to explore.

They’ve been hard at work ever since. Saluti Cellars is open for tasting Friday through Sunday, 11:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. If you’re lucky during a visit, you might also spot a barn cat hard at work. ...
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